Making Weeds into wildflowers

I’m Bridgette Brandon, and I’m 27. Exciting I know, I also happen to be a Freelancer, Fashion Stylist, and Digital Marketer with Noble Road, but the cool thing is, that’s not all I do. In my spare time I do lifestyle blogging things, fall in love with my husband Taylor, pet cute dogs, and eat as miuch mexican food as I can. I’m also a HUGE fan of coffee, Margaritas, pizza, and traveling.



About 6 years ago, I made the trek from Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles, California. I was 21 and just ready to escape. I joined the ranks of a ministry based non-profit called The Dream Center, and that changed my life. While I was there I decided to start a blog, simply to keep my family and friends back home updated about my life. The early days of this blog sounded a lot like diary entries, but over the years my voice has morphed into something much more extensive than just daily happenings. 

I never expect this to become anything, and when people ask how I got started writing, I'm never really sure what to say, because in all honesty it just fell into my lap. Words, they've always sort of been my thing, growing up, English was my favorite subject and reading one of my favorite pastimes, but here I am an adult, trying to build something. Something that will last far beyond my years, not because people need to know me, but because people need to know Jesus. 


Content Creation

I’ve been the over-prepared, organized-to-a-T person for as long as I can remember, and I've spent the past few years of my life working in the business industry. While I've always been this girl, I'm also hyper-creative. I haven't had the opportunity to let that flourish, and thus always august" was created out of a need to be creative and a passion to serve.

This is where you come in…

Running an online business can be tough, especially when lots of your time seems to be devoured by Social Media and Content Creation.

If you’ve ever thought about outsourcing these areas of your business, I would love to chat!


Some Truth

I just want to remind you that you can do this. You were created to thrive through all situations, the bad and good. You are stronger than you fathom. Smarter than anyone gives you credit for. More resilient than you dreamed. You are creative. “You are more beautiful than Cinderella, you smell like pine needles, and you have s face like sunshine.” Just remember, you CAN do this. Go kick today’s butt.