Not Perfect

I wrote this on my instagram the other day, with this gorgeous dress in mind, so I thought I'd share it on the blog post as well...

"I wanted to say something pithy, dynamic, and punny about @notperfectlinen but instead I'm going to say this: 
In November of 2015 a friend from college, whom I'd been friends with for about 3 years, told me that I was going to be a huge failure and that I was going to go nowhere in life with my mindset. Well, it's been a while and that statement still stabs me deep in the gut. I've dealt a lot with perfection and feeling like a constant failure -- I'm a "type A," a planner, an organizer, "mama bridge" as some might call me. So, as you can imagine, that statement didn't feel good to hear. Side note, isn't it funny how the bad stuff sticks and I wouldn't be able to tell you hardly any of the nice things said that year? Topic for another day, I guess. 
Anyway, that persons comment drove me to prove myself; that I was perfect, that I would amount to something, that I'm not going to fail. All of that striving and proving only helped me to fail. I was so focused on being perfect that I failed. I did what I tried to hard to avoid, but that got me thinking. 
I'm not perfect, but I think that's what makes me beautiful. Our imperfections make us one of a kind and extravagantly unique. Our clothes of skin and imperfections, like a robe of many colors, set us apart. The scrapes, cuts, torn threads, all of it; that's what makes us, us. 
We have got to stop letting someone else's idea of success and perfection drive us to brokenness. 
Our fantastical creator designed us knowing that he was going to dispose of the mold every time. Our imperfections simply increase our one of a kind, priceless value. 
We are not perfect and that is what makes us lovely."

Outfit Details:

Dress: Not Perfect Linen

Boots: Free People

Denim Jacket: BB Dakota 

Eye Glasses: Warby Parker

Bridgette Brandon