The Vacation You Want

This morning, I stopped into my local coffee shop, Houndstooth and my Barista, JM, said, "Hey, thats a cool outfit." to which I responded, "Thanks, I'm pretending I'm on vacation." he replied, "Dress for the vacation you want." We both laughed, because obviously it's a play on the phrase "dress for the job you want." I grabbed my Cold Brew togo, ran to my car then headed to work. 

All day, people kept telling me I looked like I was ready for vacation, so I guess my outfit did the trick--I guess the moral of the story is, wear this if you're on vacation. I did also have someone tell me I looked like a Flamenco dancer form 1978, that's not bad either. I'm just waiting for my guest spot on Saturday Night Fever. 

So, thanks JM for inspiring the title of this blog post!

Bridgette Brandon