Hey! My name is Bridgette, I often go by bridgy, Bridge, or B, and if you're feeling really crazy; @alwaysaugust. I am a human that doesn't like to stay in one place for too long. I Love Jesus. I've got an amazing man who loves me immensely. I love dogs. I love to read. I love people. I love writing. I love coffee. I secretly wish I could be a Jazz lounge singer. I do Kristen Wiig impersonations when I get nervous, or when I want to make people laugh. Every morning when I wake up, I want to fall in love with life. There are so many beautiful moments that God gives us, and many times we over look them because the stress of six months from now. That isn't our destiny, our destiny is to love today well. 


I have always been the over-prepared, organized-to-a-T person, and I've spent the past few years of my life working in the business industry. While I've always been this girl, I'm also hyper-creative and i haven't had the opportunity to let that flourish. "always august" was born out of a need to be creative and a passion to serve.

I was talking to my best friend who happens to be a Creative Entrepreneur about some of her business-y stuff that she was having a hard time working up the motivation to do. I sat on the phone with her trying to help her come up with processes and plans that would help complete all the daunting organizational tasks when I realized that I should just ask her to hire me on a task basis. 

Later on, a Creative Entrepreneur group i'm a part of on Facebook was discussing what seemed to be the exact problem my friend was having. In that moment, "always august" was born. I worked in the business industry doing this for a living but barley getting to have my fingers in the creative circle. This gives me an opportunity to have my creative juices flowing all the while helping and serving people who deserve good help and need it. 

My Story

My story is really quite simple, I grew up all over the map, I was lucky to be submersed in creative endeavors from the time I was born. Most of my life has been a compilation of unexpected moments, like most lives, but I am so blessed to have two beautiful constants: Christ and my family. 

My family has always allowed me to pursue my passions and ridiculous God given dreams; they have continued to support me along the way, even though some of my dreams have been sort of crazy.  I wouldn't change a moment of the good or the bad. 

I am currently residing in a little town called Thomasville, in Georgia, with my husband, Taylor, and our dog Scoutt. I work freelance as a Social Media Manager and Marketing Director, as well as working on my career as a future as a comedian on SNL; just kidding to that last part. I also dabble in freelance styling gigs and copywriting endeavors. My passion really lies within people and community. I hope to be able to tell people their value and help them see how much God loves them. Currently, I am able to do that in every moment of my life, which is pretty cool. I'm also working on writing a few books, so keep your eyes peeled. In addition to all of that jazz, I love to share my clothes, my travels, yummy foods, and all sorts of other shenanigans, as you can see by the "Lifestyle" page. I not so secretly wish I could earn a living by being a fashion and travel blogger, but let's be honest, who doesn't wish that?