hire me.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Gee, I'd love to do _________," but you just don't have time or know how to do it? Well, I can probably help. I can consult on your social media to let you know your best action items moving forward, I can mange your social media if you're simply too busy or just want to hand it off, I can write the copy for your website and even blog for you.  I also offer personal styling services for people who just want to take their wardrobe to a whole other level. 

I am currently the Social Media Coordinator at Bethel Music, and I have coordinated and consulted for a number of non-profits, churches and small clothing brands. I have also had some of my writing published in The Heart Magazine as well as some website blogs and random wikipedia pages for growing businesses. 

For more information or a more specific inquiry, send me an email or go directly through my contact page. 

 Photo by Justin Posey 

Photo by Justin Posey 

social media consultation

Want your social media to look cooler but aren't sure how to do that? Here's where I come in! Hire me for creating various strategies that will successfully roll out your brand and voice, seamlessly. 

 Photo by Justin Posey

Photo by Justin Posey

social media managment

Is the stress of trying to maintain a flawless social media presence gnawing at the back of your mind? Are you always saying, "I should just hire someone," well, you found your girl! I can help you coordinate and maintain a beautiful schedule and take stress off your life. 



Have a magazine or website and want some pretty words on it? I can do that. I have a wide variety of styles, from faith based devotional content, to poems, all the way to fictional short stories. I also dabble in copy writing & editing, so if you need help editing or finessing a paper for school, I do that too. 


personal styling

I absolutely adore helping people look as beautiful as they are on the inside. If you need a personal shopper, someone to just tell you what's on trend, or to style a photo shoot, or even help pick a new hair cut, I can help. If need be, I can even talk you out of questionable style, if you need me to.