Trend Watch | Fall & Winter 2017

Top 9 trends for Fall & Winter 2017

Mens Wear

With the "girl boss" movement, it's no surprise the Mens Wear has been making quite the splash into our everyday. Give it a feminine twist with some high waisted denim.

Power Red

Speaking of Means Wear, why not try it as a Power Red combo. Usually bright colors take a back seat during the winter months, but this year, red seems to be turning up the heat.

70s Plaid

If you're not one for brights, but you love the idea of something eye catching, try 70s Plaids. They're subtle but bold enough to make people do a double take.

Vintage Furs

While we're on the topic of decades past, go for it and throw a vintage inspired fur jacket over that plaid. It's a pretty good idea if you ask me.


What can I say, Velvet has been making a come back from last winter. But! This year, the secret is more earthy-toned colors. Try a Mustard Yellow or a Taupe.

Metalic Shoes

Here's the thing, the trend is really Metallic Shoes, but I'm only about the boots. These boots were definitely made for walking, so I'd give it a try.


Seeing stars--Constellations are making quite the appearance in orbit this fall. If you're like me, you'll prefer the bigger and bolder look rather than the Milky Way dust look.

Midi Skirts

The perfect transitional piece. Just short enough to let your legs breathe and long enough to cover up that booty


Last but definitely not least, and secretly one of my favorites, Western. This combines my fondness for Southern Grunge and fringe, so what more could you ask for.

If you're anything like me, or even if you're not, you've probably been really curious about what trends are jumping off the runway and onto our person this Fall & Winter. I've done some digging around and been keeping a close eye on every fall Fashion Week that I can and I came up with these gems. These are by far my favorite trends for this season. If you end up trying them out, send me a photo so I can share it on social! 

Bridgette Brandon