8 Weeks

Now, here’s a little disclaimer, I am no expert in fitness or nutrition, like literally at all, so do not yell at me for what I’m going to say in this or chastise me for whatever reason. This is not the place to do that, this is the place to say “Hey, you’re trying to get healthy? Hell yeah!”

I’ve recently begun a 12 week fitness journey, not because I think I’m fat, or that I’m ugly, or whatever--Simply because I want to be strong and healthy, and I want the abs I had in high school back, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t? The thing is, this could be really long or I could cut it short and do a few fitness posts, we shall see by the time this is done.


I want to start off by talking about results, seems kinda backward, right? Well, it’s actually not. When many people start a fitness journey, they [we] expect to see results right away. It’s kinda like those memes where it’s like, “does 10 crunches, checks for abs.” You guys, I have so been that person; after a week of working out and my extra pocket for my cookies [10 points if you guess where that quote is from] is still in full swing and I get discouraged.

Recently, I saw a graphic on Pinterest that said “In 2 weeks you’ll feel it, In 4 weeks you’ll see it, and in 8 weeks you’ll hear it.” That’s a good word people. It’s so true, because in a culture where everything is just a click or a swipe away, we tend to forget that not everything works that way. I’m just here to say, we’ve got to stop giving up on ourselves when we don’t see results in 5 minutes, that’s not realistic. Keep going, the whole time, even when you want to give up because in 8 weeks when you start to see it, and in 12 weeks when you look in the mirror and you can’t believe what you see, you’re going to be so glad you stayed the course.

Since we’ve covered seeing results, let’s talk about a few ways to get them--fitness programs. I am currently doing BBG Sweat, which is great for ladies. There is also Tone It Up for the ladies. The two of these are some of my favorite at home, online fitness programs! If you’re looking for something that gives you access to different group gyms, StudioHop and ClassPass are awesome, personally I’m all about that StudioHop life! These give you access to all sorts of gyms from CrossFit to Yoga, all over the city you live in. If you’re looking for other programs to do at home, the Nike+ app and the Nike Run app. I’ve used both in training for a half marathon, and I freaking love the Nike Run app because they do timed, guided runs. It’s awesome. If none of that sounds appealing to you, try the DownDog Yoga app, it gives you lots of different flows at varying levels. It’ll make you feel like an expert.

Now, onto food and diet. 1. I hate the word "diet," it implies the idea that if you change your eating habits for a little while you'll drop that 10lbs of weight that’s been plaguing you since you started to really love beer, or pizza in college; which you might drop some, and you might drop none. 2. It's better to go on a cleanse of toxins and bad foods rather than a “diet,” because in that regard your actually careful about what you put in your body rather than just cutting calories. 3. It's better to start with a cleanse and then incorporate the things you learn into an overall lifestyle, and eating habit change so that way it's something you can maintain over time and it doesn't feel restricting or daunting.

In saying all of that, I'm going to link to a few websites that have various cleanses and healthy eating plans to help give you an idea of what you believe will work best for you, since all of us are different and our bodies need different things.

*please keep in mind that a few of these have the word diet in the title, that is because it is the most widely accepted term, and in the dictionary the word diet is defined as: the foods eaten, as by a particular person or group. These programs are not sponsoring me, nor am i endorsing them, I am simply listing popular, healthy eating possibilities.*






Ok, so we’ve covered results, routines, and food, now I’m gonna talk about vitamins. Every single human being in the world needs to take vitamins, in my opinion, but we all need different ones. Personally, I love CareOf because they have you take a quiz then help you figure out what would be good for you. I actually take a CareOf pack every day, and I take a few extra supplements! P.S If you use the code: AUGUST25 you'll get 25% off your first order. That's a pretty good deal!

Here’s the things though, I am not an expert, at anything, nor would I call myself any sort of fitness guru, and I didn’t even begin to cover all the different ways to get healthy. This is just what I’ve come to see working for me over the course of my 25 times around the sun. I will say, please see a doctor before making any type of drastic medical or health change based off of what I’ve said. Other than that, I’d love to hear about your health journey--share it with me!






Bridgette Watson