Tobi + Outdoor Voices


If you've been following me for more than 5 minutes, then you know I've been working on a lifestyle change with my fitness and eating habits. I've covered the insides and now I'm covering what goes over the insides; the clothes. 

I've got a few favorite workout brands, and then brands that have great basics to wear over your workout gear. In the following photos, you'll see my favorite gear right now. The leggings and sports bra are from Outdoor Voices, and the cropped hoodie is from Tobi. I highly recommend you check them out! One note, be very aware of your sizing, with Tobi, their sweatshirts and sweaters always fit a little big, and with Outdoor Voices, their pieces tend to fit a little tight [but lets be honest, thats great for working out.]

Last but not least, shoes! I freaking love my Allbirds! They are so comfy and just so cute, plus they work for men and women!

Bridgette Watson