Slow North is a company based out of Austin Texas that makes amazing candles. Now, I know this is usually dedicated to clothing and things in that category but I can't not share about them. 

This company is absolutely amazing, really rad interpersonal service and people who actually care about their customer creating goods that are seamless, beautiful, and phenomenal quality. I was given the opportunity to get some candles from them and as it's been summer in Redding I wasn't really able to burn them; it's been so hot. Recently, the temperatures have started going down and I've been obsessed with burning these candles. I got to try out "Lavender + Cedar" and "Patchouli + Cedar." Oh my gosh, so obsessed with them. 

If you're curious about who they are you can go to or read part of their mission statement: 

"Our mission is to make products that are simple, healthy and thoughtfully functional. Since 2015, we have been creating premium, all-natural soy candles scented only with essential oils in thoughtfully minimal packaging. All Slow North products are free of synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances. Our soy candles are made from biodegradable and renewable resources. They are dye-free, vegan and made without animal products, petroleum by-products or paraffin. Our candles are designed with care and hand-poured with love in Austin, Texas."
Bridgette Watson