All I Want For Christmas: Gift Guide

So, Christmas is in about 5 minutes and I know that some people may have a hard time finding gifts for people. I actually love giving gifts, so this is always a great time of year for me. Now, I'm quite aware that this guide is going to be primarily lady gift focused but there will be some stuff for everybody else too. 

Without further a do, lets get started:

Now, everybody needs a planner so whats better than Rifle Paper Co.?

Velvet boots are really in this winter, and the trend will probably last through the spring so... 

While we're on the subject of feet, you can never ever go wrong with fuzzy socks

You can never go wrong with a coffee mug or 4. 

Another never fail gift is those huge candles from Anthropologie. Oh my gosh, they're amazing. 

For the reader, a magazine subscription is always a great idea: Darling, Tapestry, Deeply Rooted, Prvncl, just to name a few. 

While we're on the topic of subscriptions; hello, craft coffee subscription! I've also got a code for you: 0X7S

What would a magazine and coffee subscription be without a vinyl subscription too?

And, if all else fails, give em a watch. Everybody loves a good watch. Good news, I've got a code for that too: BRIDGY [you'll get 15% off]

I hope this is some what useful, and I tried to make it as universal as possible, but if you need any help with more gift ideas feel free to shoot me an email through the contact page. I would love to help. 

Merry Christmas! 

Bridgette Watson