LeLabo - Santal 26

This is dedicated to the amazing small business, Le Labo, based in New York. I recently stumbled upon their product via social media, like all other amazing things now-a-days. Instantly I was drawn to their labels and packaging -- flawless. When the opportunity came up to smell some of this goodness I just couldn't say no, I mean, c'mon! Just look at the candle; perfect!

The unique thing about Le Labo is, when you order from them online they fill the product to order -- they make it for you after you order it, so it has your name on it. How phenomenal is that? It's not just another fragrance or candle, it's a work of unique art specifically made for you. 

Next time you're on the market for sensational, wearable art that smells like heaven or you're looking for that perfect scent to fill your home, stop by Le Labo. 

Bridgette Watson