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Here it is, the “shop” portion of my website. I’ve started selling my Lightroom presets on Etsy and I also sling Youngliving Essential Oils. In addition to those things, I also sell vintage clothes, but thats just on Instagram. Check out everything I’ve got going on and let me know how you’ve used the awesome things you got through me!



If you’ve never used Essential Oils, you really should. I used to think they were silly until I started using Lavender to help me sleep. Now, I’ve started my journey to living more naturally, and oils really help with that. I’m going to be posting tips and tricks on my blog, sharing about diffusers, and helping you learn a little bit more about why you need oils in your life. So click below and join my team, sign up as either Wholesale or Retail and use my ID as your Sponsor and Enroller ID: 16340982



I’ve had quite a few people ask about how I edit my photos, and since I edit in Lightroom it’s kind of hard to just tell you how I edit it—I made my own presets. So, because it’s so difficult to explain, I’ve decided to sell them on Etsy! Click the link below and check em out, then tag me in your photos and let me see how good you look!

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I know that you’re wondering where you can get the clothes, well look no further, right now you can shop my personal closet, and soon there will be one of a kind vintage. Keep your eyes peeled for the goodness!