City & Culture

Every time I travel, I'll share a little blurb about the city -- what coffee shops, restaurants, local stores, and attractions are actually worth visiting. Not what Pinterest tells you is cool... 

Grab your suitcase, duffle bag, tote, or whatever you choose to carry while traveling and get ready to have some fun. You may want to grab your notebook and camera too, just in case. 


San fransisco

In San Fransisco, there are so many great places to go, tourist attractions and local attractions. 

Coffee: The Mill, Sightless, Bluebottle

Brunch: Plow & As Quoted

los angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angles is my old stomping grounds, my home. 

Coffee: Intelligentsia, Verve, Bluebottle, Dinosaur Coffee, Stumptown, Go Get Em Tiger

Brunch: Egg Slut, The Heart and The Hunter

Burgers: Hache LA



Portland is grunge minimal heaven and I adore it.

Coffee: Good Coffee, Heart Coffee Roasters, Stumptown

Brunch: Prasad Cafe, Harlow Restaurant

Tacos: Por Que No

Shopping: Artifact PDX



Dallas is secretly cool, with locations like Greenville Ave and Bishop Arts District.

Coffee: Houndstooth, Davis Street Espresso, West Oak Coffee Bar

Brunch: Cafe Brazil

Sweets: Joy Macaroons, Emporium Pies

Tacos: Velvet Taco