So, You've Had A Bad Day

“Cause you had a bad day

You're taking one down”

-       Daniel Powter, Bad Day


Who remembers that song? Probably everyone who listened to music in the 90s. Daniel Powter, the one hit wonder. I bet that you’re singing the song now; I hope you’re serenading whomever you happen to be in the vicinity of!

We’ve all had one of those days, where every single time you turn around your brother puts a tarantula on your shoulder, you step in dog doo-doo, you spill your coffee on your favorite jeans, a nun tells your off, the sandwich you thought you were gonna eat got stolen out of your hands, and the lost goes on and on. We’ve all gotten home from work and someone’s been like “hey how was tour day?” and you just say, “oh, it was a day” or“one of THOSE days.” Unfortunately, if you exist, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Well, let me tell you, I had one of those days yesterday. I work in customer service and there was a woman who tore me down for about an hour because she could, then I lost my ID and had to figure out how to get a new one before toady, so I drove to like 5 billion different places and they were all the wrong one, I spent all my ID money on parking, then I found the right place and I couldn’t pay for the renewal because I had .71$ to my name in my bank account, then I had to have my mom transfer me money, then I jacked up my car and my side mirror fell off cause some people don’t understand that you cant put trashcans in the middle of the road in a neighborhood…

Here’s the thing, all of those “problems” are literally so stupid, but I almost burst into tears about 97 times in like a 4 hour time span. I was telling my friend Landry about my day while we were having a business meeting and he was like “why didn’t you tell me to pray for you?” and I just didn’t know why other than the fact that I was just annoyed at myself because my head brain knows that I shouldn’t be upset because these problems have already been taken care of, but my heart brain is like “nooooooooo, be upset for hours, lets cry some more, everything is horrible, this problem is the end of the world.”

I get so annoyed because I can think about the logical side of things but many times my emotions are like “yo wassup, I WIN SUCKA!” Even though negative emotions may win most times; positive emotions can be so much stronger than the negative. True joy kicks sadness butt every single dang time.

Proverbs 17:22 (ESV)

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

Isaiah 55:12 (ESV)

“For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.”

When I was feeling down I went to bed early and decided that today was gonna be a good day. Have you ever heard that expression that says something like, “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Well, that expression is so true. Your days is often determined how you look at the problems that come your way. If you get a paper cut you can either, put a Band-Aid on that bad boy and get over it, or you can sit crisscross applesauce on the floor weeping uncontrollably. Its either or.

Here’s my suggestion, deal with it, put on your big kid underpants and look that sucker in the eyes and tell it that you are going to conquer it because your God is bigger.

1 John 3:20 (ESV)

“For whenever our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and he knows everything.”

John 16:22 (ESV)

“So also you have sorrow now, but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.”

Now, this is a long one, but read it….

Romans 8:31-39 (MSG)

“So, what do you think? With God on our side like this, how can we lose? If God didn’t hesitate to put everything on the line for us, embracing our condition and exposing himself to the worst by sending his own Son, is there anything else he wouldn’t gladly and freely do for us? And who would dare tangle with God by messing with one of God’s chosen? Who would dare even to point a finger? The One who died for us—who was raised to life for us!—is in the presence of God at this very moment sticking up for us. Do you think anyone is going to be able to drive a wedge between us and Christ’s love for us? There is no way! Not trouble, not hard times, not hatred, not hunger, not homelessness, not bullying threats, not backstabbing, not even the worst sins listed in Scripture:

They kill us in cold blood because they hate you.

We’re sitting ducks; they pick us off one by one.

None of this fazes us because Jesus loves us. I’m absolutely convinced that nothing—nothing living or dead, angelic or demonic, today or tomorrow, high or low, thinkable or unthinkable—absolutely nothing can get between us and God’s love because of the way that Jesus our Master has embraced us.”

There it is folks, God is bigger; He already knows what’s going on so you get to walk in joy because you know that. Even if it is hard to tap into, it’s there, waiting for you.

Have an amazing weekend, don’t beat yourself up for feeling bummed, God is there to let you rest in his joy.



Bridgy Colleen

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