Complaint Olympics

I possess a very special talent where I happen to be spectacular at complaining about my problems and constantly harping on all the less-than-favorable things that happen to me. Let's just say, I'm really good at it. Like, if I could get a medal in talking about my problems, it would be a gold one.

The other morning at church, my pastor, Earl was giving a lesson about promises and process, in a series we're currently in. 

The majority of this message was about going through the process and how Important it is to our growth, but he went off on a little trail about what we do when we're frustrated in our process. 

See, me, like 90% of the rest of the human race, get extremely perturbed when our process either A. Takes a really long time, or B. When it doesn't happen our way. Because of these things, we tend to start focusing all of our energy on our issue, whether humongous or minuscule. 

Pastor Earl said something that hit me right in the face, he said "Stop announcing your pain and start announcing your promise." Then he continued with saying, "I get that you've got problems, we all do, but if I go to you in the midst of your complaints and ask you what promise God speaks to your pain, and you cant show me a scripture, then that's the problem." 

I was sitting there, in the back, next to a super stylish stranger, with my mouth hanging open, like "DANGGGG. That's literally me." How often do I sit in my room, call my friends, tell my parents, gripe to any stranger that will sympathize about all my many problems? Probably a lot. 

Ok, so first of all, problems are real. Pain is real. I'm not telling everybody that their situation is irrelevant because of this thought I'm having, I'm saying imagine how drastically our problems would change if we spoke life over them. Feel all your feels, let them pour out. It's good for ya, but after you have your little cry sesh, go speak some promises over that mess. Isn't there a gospel song that says, "All of His promises are yes amen?" 

Heck, in 2 Corinthians 1:20 it says, "For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory."

That shows me. Seriously, I was just baffled in church. I couldn't believe Earls little sub-section point would be the kick in the pants that I needed. When we place our focus on truth everything else begins to align, even if it's not how we planned. It's gonna be hard, but remember you're allowed to feel, just don't wallow. 

"Remind your soul of the promise of God. When He stays at the center, it gives all His promises power." - Earl McClellan

Ok, well, you guys are amazing. Have a phenomenal week, go focus on your promises instead of your problems. 


Bridgy Colleen

Bridgette Brandon