Mascaraed Ball

Have you ever seen a romance movie or TV episode where two lovers who don’t know each other decide that they’re going to meet at a mascaraed ball; to name a few for example: A Cinderella Story, Romeo and Juliette, Gossip Girl, Wishbone, and there are countless others. In these scenes there is usually some back story where they have grown to love each other for who they think the other is. It’s going great, they’re in love so they agree to meet at the stroke of midnight, in the middle of the dance floor. She’ll be the one wearing white with a lace encrusted mask that looks like she could be a butterfly from heaven and he’ll be Zorro, dressed completely in black. He’ll pull her into his arms and she’ll melt into them. For a moment, there they’ll stand, completely engulfed in each other then something tragic happens; they’re pulled away. He searches for her with no luck — they’re separated just dreaming of the person they’ve come to know, but then comes a turn of luck, they find each other! Ah! Dreams do come true, this is everything they’ve ever dreamed. But it’s not, after this always comes the moment of heart break. They find out they’re not who they were pretending to be, everything is lost, or at least it seems that way for quite a few acts. 

It is so physically exhausting to stop trying to be yourself so people will like you or just so you can fit into your environment. Thats limiting. It limits your creativity, your potential, and it slowly crushes your spirit. 

To put yourself in a box so as to not raise eyebrows; that isn’t ok. It makes sense though, why we would do that. We all desire to belong and feel accepted, but at the end of the day, if you’re locking yourself inside then they don’t love you or know you. If our deepest desire is to be known, why would we think that hindering who we are would help people want to know us? Putting on a charade will eventually have to end, and when it ends you’ll still be stuck, hiding yourself. 

In a way, each of us has probably lived in a mascaraed scene for a little while, if not for a long while. We carefully craft our costume, pick out the most beautiful, enchanting mask and we take care in our presentation. We are a walking piece of art, but in the worst way. We are paper mache. We rip apart the moment someone tries to take off our mask. Think of this moment like when the Phantom of The Opera gets his mask ripped off and he’s terrified of what Christine will think of him. He screams, hides his face, and pushes everyone away. 

When we hide, we do exactly that. We grasp our mask and build our walls making it impossible to let anyone near or even heal. 

There is such beauty in being fully, completely yourself. You are being who you need to be. God created every person specifically for their destiny, not the destiny of the person sitting next to you. Sure, you can help them but you can’t be them and changing who you are won’t make your life easier, it will destroy you. 

I have this thing, I realize you may not agree, but I fell like every moment we aren’t ourselves we are insulting our creator, after all he made us like him. 

Genesis 1:27

“So Go created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

Why would you want to tell the creator of the world He did a bad job because you think you need to be someone else to fit in where you want? Maybe you weren’t made to fit there. 

Don’t give up on your unique beauty, the world needs it, the world needs you. 

Bridgette Brandon