South Georgia: Explained

I realize that most of you guys have literally no clue what I do, where I live, who I am, or really anything about me, for that matter. Well, let me just tell you. It might take a minute, so I hope you like stories, and if you don’t that’s chill. Here’s a synopsis of what will unravel over the next few paragraphs: Taylor and I felt called to move to VERY South Georgia. We moved to a small town, named Thomasville, we’d never been to or heard of. The catch is, we got called here to work with a movie studio that had never created anything before, couldn’t initially pay us, and no tangible promise that it was going to work out. It was risky business. Needless to say, we’ve been here for over a year now and we’re just fine, some might even say, great. 

Ok, so now that we’ve got that out of the way for the people who hate reading and hate stories--I’ll tell you the nitty gritty. The meat. Buckle your seatbelts, you’re in for a super mild ride.

The beginning of this story starts in January of 2018, 2 months after Taylor and I had started dating. His family was placing bets on how soon we’d be hitched, and my family was just thankful I was dating a “normal” person. Taylor and I had talked about getting married so knowing that, we started to talk about what would be next, naturally. For us, that meant moving to Atlanta, Georgia. His best friends were there, they were going to be moving in the next few months so we could rent their old house, Taylor could walk into a great job with a media company that was making big moves, I was going to be a full-time stylist at Madewell [that might not sound exciting to you, but I was very pumped,] we were going to be stepping into a church where we’d be accepted practically immediately. By all accounts, this was the perfect move. Over the next few months, we started planning our move. We put in our notice at both of our jobs and got ready to leave. At this point, we weren’t engaged yet, and that was kinda one of the factors. We had to be married before we could move, because neither of us were into the whole living together before you’re married thing. 

In the middle of this, Taylors uncle, George, told us about this movie studio that was about to get started in Thomasville, Georgia. We didn’t think much of if, but if you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting George, you know he’s pretty persuasive. He kept telling us that we should pray about going out there to join the ground crew. For a while we pushed it off and we’re like yeah, we’ll work with them from Atlanta, but over time, he wore us down and we actually started to pray about it. 

Within a few weeks, some of the founding crew visited Dallas, and we met them at a dinner. We didn’t talk much to anyone as we were simply observing the dynamics, but after that night we prayed harder. We prayed that God would show up and show out. Time went on and they brought Taylor out to Thomasville to help film something that is now at Sundance Film Festival, so that’s cool. But, anyway. Taylor went to Thomasville and when he came back he was really pumped on the idea of picking up our entire life to move to something so uncertain. 

After a few more weeks, we went to another dinner, which happened to be about 2 days after we were engaged. Things were getting serious now. We had 3 months till the wedding so we really needed to figure our sh** out. We went into this dinner saying “Hey God, make it super apparent, after tonight, what we should do.” A few hours later we were getting into Taylors little Honda Fit and as soon as we both sat down, we looked at each other and just knew. We were moving. 

Over the next few months we got all of our crap together, but we laid out our fleeces at the same time. We knew God called us to this, but it was really hella scary. We were moving halfway across the country to a town that has about 12 people in it [Such an exaggeration, there’s like 19k in the county. Lol. Drama queen.] 5 good restaurants [Not an exaggeration] and hardly any young people in the same season of life as us. This is the south,  most of the 27-30 year old people have about 2.5 kids already. It was definitely a departure from all that we knew. 

Ok, this brings me back to the fleeces. One thing we really needed was somewhere to live, in a price range that wouldn’t totally murder our bank accounts since we wouldn’t be working any paid jobs. We laid that out and the Lord came through, with one of the cutest houses, I might add. We rented the house before even seeing it and before I had ever visited Thomasville. 

Now, it was about 2 weeks to our wedding and we moved all of our junk from Texas to Georgia. 

We moved our stuff in on August 15, drove home on August 19, got married August 23, went on our honeymoon, got home August 31 and moved into our house in Georgia on September 2. It was a whirlwind month. 

When we got to Thomsaville, it was a really freaking hard first 6 months. We had the people in our company, but they didn’t feel like friends--We felt alone. The depression I periodically battle started to wash over me. We could barely pay our bills, so much so that I had to sell half of the clothes I own so we could pay rent. Taylor had to take crappy jobs he didn’t love. We looked like we were crushing it, but we were getting crushed. 

You know what’s crazy though, through all of that, God showed up every time. We made rent every month. We never went hungry. We learned to love each other in a way we never would have, had we not been all the other had. Now, a year later I look back on that, and it might be one of the best things we’ve ever done. Like it says in Hebrews 6, He is our anchor in the storm.

“We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain.” Hebrews 6:19

You’re probably curious about this elusive media company, I know I would be. Well, it’s called Noble Road, and we’re about to make our first movie. If you’ve ever worked for a start-up, you know the struggle of getting something off the ground. It took a while, but we finally landed on a project we’re getting the funding for and now we get to do what we were called here to do. 

Not only has God been faithful in this, but He’s shown up in ways that matter so much to my heart. Since I was a little person, I lived and breathed and love fashion. I always wanted to study it in school, but I ended up studying marketing, which the Lord has definitely used, but I’m not fond of it. Well, a few months ago, I was talking to the director, telling him that I’d love to be in the costume department when things get moving, and he said yes. He didn’t have to think about it. Instantly, he said, “OF COURSE! That would be perfect for you.” You guys, the tiny Bridgette that lives in my soul was crazy excited.

In addition to getting to move out of a marketing role and into a “fashion” role, the Lord gave me some pretty dope ideas for my personal goals, and mine and Taylors future.  It’s pretty amazing. Gods promises are so real even if they don’t show up the way you think they will. 

I think we forget often that God wants to show up. Over this last year He has really taught me what faith looks like, how it feels to rest, and the grace that you need to have faith and to rest. 

I plan on sharing more about faith and rest in the near future. Hopefully this gives you a little insight into my life and all its craziness. 

Bridgette Brandon